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Tree of Life Lutheran Bible Camp

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Staff Information

Counselors and other staff at our camp must be adult members of a congregation in fellowship with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. Applicants are expected to be spiritually mature and active in the Word. Your pastor will be asked to evaluate and approve your application on this basis.

See this letter for our encouragement to worship regularly at your WELS or ELS church.

Staff members must have completed high school, with minimum age 18 years. In the summer immediately after you finish high school, you have the option to be either a camper or a staff member. Younger staff members are generally given responsibility for younger campers, to avoid having staff supervising campers who are too close to their own age.

Staff positions include a camp director, Bible Instructors, counselors, activities director, handicraft director and assistants, nurse and lifeguard. Counselors supervise up to ten campers each, and are responsible for their campers 24 hours a day.

Staff are not charged for their week at camp. Children of staff members who are too young for the full camp program (below grade 4) may come to camp as Little Lambs. Counselors are provided to supervise them. See our front page for this year's Little Lamb rates. Staff and all campers are covered by medical, accident and liability insurance with Church Mutual of Merrill, Wisconsin.

Staff may be asked to use their vehicles to help transport the campers on field trips.

State regulations now require background checks and CPR certification for counselors and certain other staff members. We take care of the background checks using a service called Trusted Employees. If you are already CPR trained, please check that your certification is up to date. We will need to have a copy (or computer scan) of your certification at camp. If you are not, contact us for suggestions on where to get training. We also can reimburse some CPR training expenses if needed.

A counselor/staff orientation and in-service training session will be held on a Saturday one or two weeks before the start of camp. See our front page for the date and location. It is important that all staff members attend this meeting, even those who have been staff members before. Please attend in person, but if necessary you can participate via audio/video conference. If you are unable to make the meeting in person, please contact our staffing committee chairman Jordan Hochmuth (, cell phone 408-660-774) in advance so that printed materials can be mailed to you. Staff who miss the orientation meeting will be required to attend orientation at camp on Sunday, and that causes difficulties because campers are already present at that time and need to be supervised.

Our counselor handbook, craft leader handbook, and other information for staff are available on the download page.

Smoking or vaping is allowed only in certain designated areas and not in the presence of campers.

Questions?? If you are considering serving but would like to learn more before committing, please contact your Pastor or a Tree of Life board member. Please join us for this fun and rewarding week of service to the Lord!

Applications for staff positions are accepted online only. Please submit your application before June 15. Late applications are usually accepted, but please apply as early as possible! Please let your pastor know you are applying and talk to him about your service. We will be checking by email for pastoral approval of all applicants. Click here to apply!

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